90 Park

Identity for Vornado Realty Trust's commercial skyscraper in New York City.
Brooklyn United
Olympics Logos / Internal Design Challenge
Art Direction: Brian Lemond
Design Team: Chris Goodhue, Alan Finch, Valentine Sanders, Justin Vachon, and Jon Dicus
See more logos from this project here.
Time and Relativity Association

Hypothetical logo for a commercial space agency dedicated to time travel.
United Free Press
Pratt Institute / Advertising Design
Class project focused on bringing awareness to the ongoing dangers of journalists in conflict zones.
Ciao For Now
Pratt Institute / Visual Communications II
Class project to rebrand a local business.
Free The Birds

For a fundraising charity that helps support organizations that liberate victims of sex trafficking.
Mill Road Music

(Unused) Identity for hit country songwriter Clint Lagerberg.
Amplified Administration

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