Vornado Realty Trust 
Canvas New York

Branding and interactive project for one of the largest owner/mangers of commercial real estate in the United States, Vornado Realty Trust. Canvas was hired to develop solutions for their skyscraper at 90 Park Avenue. I had the opportunity to lead the team in developing an identity for the building, collateral, an interactive touch screen site to be used at a staging floor, and a responsive website.
Inspired by the classic, stately building, and the rich history of the neighborhood, the identity elevates the building's status with a timeless symbol that is modern and sophisticated. The mark not only pays tribute to its past, but also looks to the building's future.
Touch Screen
Put on display on a staging floor, the touch screen will be used to by the leasing agent to guide potential tenants through various aspects of the building. They will be able to learn more about the building, see what points of interest are in the neighborhood, view floor plans, and even look through photography and renderings inside and out of the building.
Responsive Site
The responsive site draws a lot from the touch screen – using similar themes, interactions, and orientations. Repositioning the the touch screen designs for a website was a challenge, but by keeping with the overall vision it is able to keep the building's brand and vision intact.

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